You KNOW you need to lift weights in order to increase your metabolism and bone density.  You WANT to lift weights to get stronger and give your body healthy curves.  But navigating the weight room can be so intimidating.  All the machines, all the men; it’s so much easier to go back to the treadmill where you feel comfortable.  

When it comes to strength training, I’ve found that we all just need a plan.  A plan that tells us what to do and how to do it so we’re not wasting time wandering around the gym, or half-assing workouts at home.  I know for myself, if I don’t go in with a plan of action, I don’t get the intense or efficient workout that I love. Let me help you!  I’ve got 6 weeks of strength training, HIIT workouts and nutrition coaching that will educate you, transform your body and make you feel confident not only in the weight room, but in every aspect of your life.

If you’re worried that I won’t be right there with you counting the reps and watching your form, don’t. In this program, you’ll have more contact with me than you would if we met in person twice a week. I’m going to expect daily check-ins from you.  I want to know if you worked out, how it felt, what you ate, if you struggled with anything. This is way better than meeting twice a week!  It also costs less. Hiring a personal trainer at the gym and getting nutrition coaching can run you at least $600 per month. But for $XXX in my new Six Weeks to Stronger (working title)Program, you’ll have direct access to me every day, updated weekly workouts and nutrition coaching.  

If you’re ready to transform your body and get serious about strength training, join my BRAND NEW 8-Week Weight Training Plan. Empower yourself, inspire others!

Each Program Includes:

  •  8-Week Fitness Program
  • Custom Macro Calculation

What Happens Next? 

Click the button below to complete your purchase. Once you have completed your purchase you will be redirected to a page to download your fitness plan and fill out the form for your macro calculations. 

Price: $125