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Not to brag or anything but can I just say that there is so much that is amazing about what I do? It’s the week before a new session begins and I am, as always, being extremely inspired by all the folks who are signing up. Every session, I get the great honor of experiencing people saying YES.

YES to a healthier life.

YES to committing to changing old patterns.

YES to facing insecurities.

YES to finding new strength.

YES to the vulnerability of learning.

YES is hard, man. And seeing person after person sign up for YES, is a huge part of what makes what I do so gratifying. Because saying yes is the first step. Yes means you’re willing to try something new. Yes means stepping into the unknown. Yes means a willingness to cast off what you have been doing so you can do what you’re meant to be doing.

Yes is hard because it also means NO.

NO to continuing unhealthy habits.

NO to that which is no longer serving you.

NO to limiting beliefs.

NO to feeling weak against temptations and challenges.

NO to staying safe in what you have always known.

When you say yes to making a new life for yourself, that often means you’re saying no to the old life you are used to. And that, my friends, is the height of bravery. Charting a new way is not for the faint of heart. It means putting trust in me to teach you different daily habits. It means trusting yourself to make small better decisions constantly so you can make big changes eventually. Yes means trusting the process and being in it for the long game.

Oftentimes it takes well over a year for someone to sign up for my program after following me on social media or seeing a friend post about Lift to Get Lean. Over a year of getting out of their own way so they can say YES. And I get it. Changes require big yesses and sometimes we have no idea where those yesses are going to take us. Yes risks failure and failure is scary. It’s so much easier to stay safe.

But, please know that there is something so magical about saying yes. The power of yes is mighty, in that one yes usually leads to another yes and another. On the surface, my programs are about better nutrition and strength training...but I promise you that it is SO much more than that. My clients take deep looks into what is holding them back. They learn to become empowered in situations that have kept them stuck, sometimes for their whole lives. And, many clients I work with find that saying yes to my program helps them say no in ways they never thought possible. Safety is overrated and the only way you can guarantee failure is by not saying yes. I truly believe that. And, as I said on my social media this week, I truly believe in you.

Now go say YES already.