Dare to JUMP

Dare to Jump (1).png

Last week, I posted a video of yours truly attempting to do a box jump. While the video is about five minutes in length, the truth is I spent more than twice that amount of time hemming and hawing before I actually achieved the jump. It was my first time jumping that height and it was a humbling reminder of how difficult it can be to “take a leap” without knowing what the outcome will be. I easily could have scraped or bruised my shins. Ouch! Or I could have face planted. I could have even possibly broken a bone. (Not as likely, but that was a very real fear at the time.) I know that I am generally seen on my page “killin” my workouts and inspiring others to get fit by performing challenging moves or posting motivational images of myself. But, I refuse to just give all of you the highlights of my life.

Because, some days, I am afraid of taking a risk just like everyone else!

There are two things, though, that weren’t shown in the video I posted that helped me land that jump. First of all, I had a coach walking me through how to achieve such a vertical jump. I couldn’t have done what I did without personal guidance. In fact, I wouldn’t be where I am at today without the help of many coaches over the years. We all need coaches! We all need teachers. And we all have things to learn. I think that one of the reasons I love lifting weights and nutrition coaching and fitness in general is it allows me to never stop learning. Information is always changing and new things are always being discovered about how to move and fuel the human body. I am so grateful for the knowledge various coaches have given me over the years and I love sharing my passion and expertise with others.

The other thing the video doesn’t show is that I had a group of people around me in the gym who were cheering me on and supporting me with their positivity. No personal achievements are made in a vacuum! We all need other people to lean on, to learn from and to lift us up. It is always said that “it takes a village” to raise a child. I would argue that it also takes a village to achieve health and fitness goals. It is a very rare person who can drastically change their fitness and nutrition without camaraderie and being motivated by others who are also working hard to change.

I would love to be the coach that helps you take the leap. To reach new heights. I know you can make the leap. I have no doubt you can jump boxes that seem impossible. Or make lasting lifestyle changes. Or become the person you once thought you could never be. But it’s getting you to realize and then unleash your own power that unlocks the greatest potential. It’s standing just outside “the frame” and letting you face what you need to, knowing that there is someone in the background guiding you the whole time. And not just one someone. Not just me. But a whole online community of people who are facing their vulnerabilities and taking their own personal leaps too. This is what makes Lift to Get Lean special. You are never alone as you stand and face your fears or challenges.

Thank you to all of my wonderful coaches. And thank you to all the amazing friends, clients, colleagues and students who are my very own cheering section. I’m one lucky box jumping b*tch.