Strength Training is the Shizzle!


If I had a dollar for every time someone has come to me talking about how many pounds he or she wants to lose. . . well, let’s just say I would own a lot more Lululemon. I mean, I love me some Lu Lu, but that’s saying a lot. Have you seen how much they charge for a tank top?!?!

I digress. . .

One of my biggest aims with Lift to Get Lean, my nutrition coaching and weekly strength workouts is to shift the focus from numbers on a scale to health that is measured in feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally. I mean, I don’t want to bash on body weight scales, but I think they make better door stoppers or bookends than gauges of how fit you are. I know, I know.  It has been ingrained in our heads that cutting calories equals weight loss and weight loss equals health. Always. Making a bathroom accessory the great determiner of, at best, how light or heavy we are or, at worst, how much value we have as a person. I am here to saw “aw hell no” to thinking of hunks of metal with digital numbers as an almighty god! This idol worship needs to stop! And I am here to offer a much better dogma to which you can subscribe. It’s called body recomposition! And it is the shizzle! In very simple terms, body recomposition is the process of reducing body fat and replacing it with muscle mass. It completely changes our physiques and it has NOTHING to do with mechanical devices that you poop near. (How’s that for a visual?!)

And what helps us do this magical thing? Changing fat into muscle and helping us look leaner and feel amaze-balls?! Strength training!!!

So, here it is. . .

The Top Ten Reasons Why Strength Training is the SHIZ

10. Day-to-day activities are easier because you are stronger and fitter.

9. You stave off losing muscle mass and loss of bone density as you age.

8. Becoming physically stronger helps you to be mentally and emotionally stronger, more confident and empowered. Truth.

7. Your resting metabolism is increased.

6. Balance, coordination and posture are significantly improved.

5. Symptoms of chronic disease (ie diabetes, arthritis, etc.) are alleviated, and in many cases, completely eradicated.

4. Your mood is instantly better because of elevated endorphins.

3. Quality and quantity of sleep is improved.

2.  You can recycle, donate or bedazzle your scale and turn it into a tchotchke because it is no longer your sole focus.

1. Last, but certainly not least, your booty looks banging in your Lululemon workout pants. (Got nothing but love for you Lu Lu!)

So, what are you waiting for? Lift heavy things!