After the After

After Party (1).png

Almost every great rap song makes mention of how after the party there’s an after party. I mean, if you’re partying, it just makes sense to keep on going.  Who wants to call it quits?!


I just rapped up (see what I did there?!) the May session of Lift to Get Lean with some seriously awesome clients. I mean, these chicks were bad-ass. So much positivity and dedication from them. Last week was all about celebrating their accomplishments and seeing jaw-dropping results. For those of you who follow my Facebook and Instagram, you know I have been posting some seriously powerful before and after photos for days now. There have been some real transformations to share. Honestly, I totally wish there was an after party with them! I’d be popping bubbly! (No, bubbly is NOT off-limits during Lift to Get Lean.)

But, the reality is I get six weeks with my Lift to Get Lean clients. Seven, if you count prep week. The seven weeks that I have with those who sign up are meant to be a foundation. A jumping off point. Lift to Get Lean is not about an after photo or reaching a goal and then slipping back into old habits. I believe it is truly about after the after. I teach sustainable ways of eating to fuel your body and provide efficient and quick workouts that give serious results. But I do NOT provide quick fixes or a “bootcamp” or advocate anything that is not sustainable. As much as I love seeing people grow and transform, my interest does not lie in shiny “after” pictures. I take the most pride in how much better people feel and that they have found a way of eating and exercising that they can maintain.

So, while there is definitely a “before” the program, there ideally isn’t an “after.” There is just life going on, but with new healthier habits. If you know better, you do better! And I feel so honored to have taught so many people to “do better” for themselves and their health. Healthy living never stops. There isn’t a true after. There’s always going to be the coworkers who have candy on their desk or the friends urging you to have another drink or that family member who just loves to feed you. Life’s challenges never stop rolling. You just get stronger. And, therefore, healthier.

So, while I enjoy partying with my Lift to Get Leaner’s. . .what I love more is seeing them enjoying their very own parties. Living life. Being a healthier and happier version of themselves. Now that is an after party I can get down with. (And ya’ll know how this introvert feels about parties.)