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Last Week, I did a live video on my Facebook page sharing my personal thoughts regarding the book, “Girl, Wash Your Face.”  I received a ton of wonderful comments and feedback. But one of the ideas I talked about that really seemed to resonate the most with people is this notion of not setting all the bars in our life so high.

I work with some AMAZING folks! And, by “some,” I mean all. Every single client I work with is truly amazing in their own unique way. Some people come to me struggling with motivation. But, these are not the folks I want to focus on today. Today, I am writing to the over-motivated peops. The ones who want to do all the things all the time. The ones who strive and strive and strive. The ones who, frankly, struggle with perfectionism and have a hard time knowing when to say when.

First of all, let me start by saying “I GET IT!” I have definitely struggled (and continue to struggle) with juggling too many balls in the air. Thinking I can keep them all going. I mean, who doesn’t grapple with trying to be the shiniest version of themself? Uh, hello Instagram filters and humble brag Facebook posts.  We are a society of bigger, better, faster and it is really easy to get caught up in this mentality. When I get stuck in this line of thinking, there is one word I repeat over and over to myself. . .


I have found myself, on many occasions, saying “Give yourself some grace, Kylie.” So, today, I want to say the same thing to you. “Give yourself some damn GRACE! You cannot be all the things all the time!!!”  I asked in my video, “how many bars can we have set high?” When you try to be the best employee and the best parent and the best friend and the best spouse and the best at the gym and the best dressed and the best. . .you get where I am going. When you are trying to grab at all these high bars, you are going to fall. You are going to lose your grip. So, please, please for the love of pete, just focus on being the BEST YOU! Make goals, but also remember your priorities. There is a difference. Some things are just more important than others. It’s up to you to determine what your priorities are and make goals based around them.

Besides it being unrealistic that you can be the best in all areas of your life, it is also unrealistic to think that life is just going to be smooth sailing. Unexpected things always come up. This is another instance when it is important to practice grace. Yes, grace is something you can practice! I strongly advocate the importance of habits in my groups. And I truly believe you can make grace a habit through practice. And that practice looks a whole lot like giving yourself a break. There are seasons of life and the most successful clients I work with acknowledge this. They know when to push and when to rest. They know that, in order to be successful in one area of their life, they need to lower the bar in other areas. They are able to shift focus and goal-setting based on where they are at in their life. This is a vital skill and it requires grace.

I know I am often preaching that it is okay to want more. Today I also want to preach that is okay to be less. It’s okay to not be all the things! It’s okay to prioritize. It’s okay to give yourself a break. Give yourself some damn grace! For real!