Live the Sixth

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A friend of mine was recently telling me about a retreat she went on way back in the day, in high school. Not to get too into specifics, but she explained what a transforming experience the retreat was for her and how, on the fourth day of the retreat, she was given a pin that said “Live the Fourth.” In other words, it wasn’t just enough to change during the four days she was on the retreat. The real transformation was in taking what she learned during the four days of introspection and inspiration and incorporating it into her everyday life.

As the June session of Lift to Get Lean wraps up this week, I can’t help but keep hearing the phrase “Live the Sixth” in my mind. I give my clients A LOT of information during the six weeks that they participate in our private Facebook group. They receive six workouts a week, customized macro counts and daily coaching and inspiration. I strive to give the strongest foundation on which to build new habits and a new mindset.

But Lift to Get Lean is just that. . .a foundation. It is a beginning. A seed planted. A new chapter. It is up to my clients to take what they have learned and build upon their very own unique foundation of health and fitness. My macro program is a beginning to a new lifestyle. I plant seeds of self-worth and a fighter’s mindset and give practical tools to achieve change. Lift to Get Lean is like the first chapter of a new story you are writing for yourself.

This final week of the program is never the end. It is imperative that those who do my program understand that they take what they learn from my coaching and incorporate that knowledge they have gained into a new lifestyle. This looks like continuing to exercise. A lot of clients repeat my workouts for a second six week session to see just how much they have progressed. It also looks like continuing to be mindful of what they are eating. This could be continuing to track macros or follow what I like to call The Five Habits. Many clients lose inches and weight in my program, but in order to maintain that hard-fought progress, they must continue to stick with their healthier eating. In other words, there is no free-for-all after Lift to Get Lean. There is no slipping back into unhealthy habits after you have reached your goals. That, my friends, is called self-sabotage.

So, let’s not sabotage efforts! Let’s live the sixth! Let’s continue to work hard! Because the hard work never really ends. . .but, then again, neither do the amazing benefits from making yourself and your health a priority.

So, for the love of all things holy, LIVE THE SIXTH!