Mid-Year's Resolution

Mid Year Resolution.jpg

I have always thought that the month of December is the most challenging month for health. Holiday get-togethers. Office parties. New years celebrations. December is a tough month to keep your nutrition on-point and make time for working out! Which is why I started the mantra of “maintain, don’t gain” this past December.

Well, move over December, because July has almost got you beat!

I have been inundated with comments, private messages and texts from clients telling me how difficult this past month has been for their health and fitness goals. It makes sense, right? First of all, the month starts with the Fourth of July. You need only go on pinterest for like five minutes and see all the red, white and blue dessert ideas. Or, just for fun, start googling “Fourth of July” and you will see that “Fourth of July desserts” is in the top three hits. Us Americans love our desserts. Especially when they have stars and stripes! But, the Fourth is about so much more than red dyed cool whip frosting. The Fourth is all about backyard parties with dips, chips, beers, salads that aren’t really salads at all (oh hello, mayo) and there’s nothing more American than processed meats heating up on the grill. God bless America and god bless burgers with kraft singles. The Fourth is a HARD holiday to navigate when you are trying to make healthier choices!

So, July kicks off with a day of all things ‘Merica. And then there is. . .the traveling. Almost every member of my latest Lift to Get Lean group traveled at some point during the session. And we all know what traveling means! Road trip food or airport food or hanging at the lake food or camping food, etc. None of which is synonymous with being healthy! It is so hard to travel and make wise choices. And getting in workouts can seem nearly impossible. Between the actual traveling, the loss of routine, unforeseen outings for meals, being around others who are all about indulging, not really focusing on scheduling in workouts. . .traveling is the perfect storm of challenges for those who are trying to change their habits.

Lastly, July is the full swing of summer. There’s generally no schedules. There are more likely long lazy days. Spent at the pool. Or baseball games. Or outdoor concerts. Summer is a season that seems to solely exist for us to take it easy, relax and enjoy the sunshine. Which is all fine and well. Except that most people don’t associate long lazy days with challenging workouts and eating lean proteins with veggies. It’s all too easy to soak up the rays with a margarita in one hand and chips and salsa in the other. Who are we kidding?!

I know I can get a bad wrap as being  a fun-hater. But I really am not! I really want you to travel and soak up the sun and enjoy fireworks with the ones you love. But my hope is that all these activities don’t completely derail your fitness goals. I want you to enjoy your summer without a side of guilt. Or bloating. Or whatever other habit you have that is not getting you to the life you want to have. I really do believe you can enjoy all things summer and still feel great in your jean shorts and tanks.

July was a tough month. But, that is life, right? There will always be tough seasons and challenges around every corner. It’s exactly why we work so hard to create healthy habits. To navigate these seasons. But, just know, summer is NOT over yet. The year isn’t over yet! In fact the second half of the year is really just beginning. What a great opportunity to make a Mid-Year’s Resolution! I know that’s not really a thing, but I think we should make it a thing. August first is officially the New Years of Summer!!! (Again, not a thing, but let’s make it one.) Let’s get out our noise makers and sparkly dresses and resolve to leave the past month’s indiscretions behind and start anew. We’ve got four solid months before we’re kissing under mistletoe and roasting chestnuts on an open fire and we’re gonna have some solid healthy habits in place. Besides, I’m pretty sure stores will start putting out stuff for Christmas before August is over anyways. Ho ho ho!