You know that feeling when you can’t get cell reception and you kind of flip your S-H for a moment? But then you get reconnected to wifi and all feels right in the world? Today I want to talk about that feeling. Connection.

Before the connection, though, let’s talk for a brief moment about disconnection. And I am not talking about cell phones here. It is amazing how we freak out about losing cell service, but we forget to service our minds, bodies and relationships. It is amazing how connection can slip away from us without our even noticing. If you find yourself saying any of the following, chances are there is some disconnection in your life…

I can’t sleep at night.

I don’t know how I gained ten pounds.

I can’t remember the last time I took a few hours just for myself.

My partner and I barely even talk anymore.

I just can’t seem to get motivated to go to the gym.

I’m trying so hard to be healthy but it seems like I am the only one.

My exercise routine has gotten so boring.

My heart just isn’t in my job.

I feel like I have no energy and I don’t know why.

Woah, woah, woah. If you find yourself saying or thinking any of these things, I can tell you why your energy is are disconnected! Connection is vital for health and wellness. Consider your connection to yourself and others like the battery icon on your phone. When that bar goes down to less than five percent, your phone is in a critical state. Being disconnected for too long completely depletes the battery and, before you know it, your phone is completely shut off. And we all know that when our phone shuts down, we can’t look at cute puppy pictures on Instagram and that, my friends, is devastating. So is trying to function in your life when YOU are disconnected and shut down!

Just like you would connect your phone to a power source when the battery gets too low, I encourage you to connect to yourself and connect with others in ways that replenish you when you are finding you are losing your power. Over your goals. Over your mind. Over your body. Over your relationships. Heck, over your LIFE. You can only get what you need out of life when you connect to what your mind, body and spirit need and when you connect with other people.

Social connection is vital. It is literally how we are wired. Even the most introverted people (picture me raising my hand here) need connection with others to have a meaningful life. It is important to nurture relationships because you can only be loved the way that you love. You can only receive the way you give. You can only get back what you put out. In other words, if you are feeling disconnected with others, take a good hard long look at where YOU can connect more. If you feel like you are the only trying to be healthy and make changes, you need to either get yourself around people who have similar goals (join a gym, go to group fitness classes or *shameless plug* join one of my groups) or maybe ask those who are currently in your life to join you in exercising. You may be pleasantly surprised that you’re just the nudge they need. Ask an old friend to go on a walk to catch up, instead of going out to dinner. Ask your partner to play tennis instead of watching a movie on the weekend. Take the kiddos to the park and join them in running around. We can’t force those we love to move more, but we can encourage and lead by our example.

We also need to take time to connect with ourselves. Especially in a society that values busyness as much as we do, it can feel indulgent to take time to just sit and do nothing. But I am telling you right now, take time to just sit and do nothing. Downtime is vital for connecting with our body, mind and spirit. It is also a part of our culture to reach for the quick fix. But connection to our body is an ongoing daily process. I told myself I wouldn’t use the H word in this post, but what the heck, I just LOVE talking about habits. And connection looks a whole lot like regular daily habits such as exercise, a healthy diet, appropriate amounts of sleep, and recovery time between workouts. Healthy habits connect us with a healthy mind and a healthy body. God, I love the H word!
And listen, I know that the world we live in is DRAINING. And, unless we are very mindful, it is so easy to get sucked under. It is easy to zombie walk through our days and not connect with our own thoughts, habits and routines. It is easy to stick our nose in our phones (trust me, I have definitely been guilty of this) and forget to sincerely connect with the people in our lives. If you are feeling disconnected, please don’t despair. There is always time to plug in, recharge and reconnect. Just like that feeling when you see “you are now connected to the internet” on our phones, there is relief found in sincere interactions with ourselves and others. Connection is like a cute puppy on Insta, it can only bring good things!