I want you to take a minute and think of your best friend.

How does it feel to be around them?

What is it about them that makes them special?

What types of things do they say to you when you are struggling?

How does your best friend treat you?

Does your best friend put unrealistic standards on you? Does your best friend berate you when you make a mistake? Does your best friend stop you from achieving your goals? Does your best friend give up on you when you’re having a hard time?

Wait, this probably isn’t going the way you expected it to go. Right? Why would a best friend belittle you or put you down or criticize you?! If they’re a true best friend, they absolutely wouldn’t. Right?

So, lemme ask you another question...why do you do these things to yourself? Why do we treat ourselves so harshly and put so much pressure on ourselves when we would NEVER do that to our best friend?!

Again, I ask you to think about your best friend.

How do you want them to feel around you?

What special things do you bring to the friendship?

What types of things do you say to them when they are struggling?

How do you treat your best friend?

Do you give your best friend grace when they falter? Do you speak to them with kindness even after they have made bad choices? Do you encourage your best friend to make their dreams a reality? Do you believe in your best friend in good times and in bad?

I know I am the land of a thousand questions in this post.  But, this next one is the biggie. This next question is the ONE question I want you to ask yourself whenever you are having a hard time.

How can I treat myself and talk to myself like I am my own best friend?

At first, you may have to literally envision your bff and hear their voice in your head. But, if you ask yourself this enough, you start to hear your own answers. You start to gain confidence. Being a best friend to yourself allows you to start to have the life you envision. The life you deserve.

Please stop being your own worst enemy. Please give yourself the same grace, forgiveness, loyalty and faith you give your bestie. You deserve to see yourself through the same lens you see your best friend. Be your best friend forever.