What Lift to Get Lean ISN'T


I was really trying to wrack my brain thinking about how I could describe what makes Lift to Get Lean, the program that I have been running now for over two years, different from other fitness programs. It occurred to me that maybe the best way to show how Lift to Get Lean is different is by describing everything it ISN’T.

It ISN’T just a six week program, it’s a forever shift in nutrition and exercise. Lift to Get Lean is all about mindwork and creating new habits, as far as the way we eat and the way we train. In six weeks, clients learn about nutrition and how to lift weights, but more than that they learn how to rethink old patterns and learn new ways of thinking and behaving to get them to reach their goals.

It ISN’T just support from two coaches, you have a whole group of cheerleaders. One of the best aspects of having a private online forum is that you have access to people from all over the country (and even the world) who are working hard alongside you cheering you on and sharing their struggles and victories too. The camaraderie in the groups keeps Leanne and I motivated just as much as it keeps the participants motivated! We got all the GIF’s, memes and emojis flowing and share in each other’s wins and stumbling blocks. Bottom line, the participants in my programs are the best part of my program. I’ve said it once and I will say it again, you are who you surround yourself with. And that goes for online communities just as much as those in your daily life.

It ISN’T about eating the least amount of calories so you can lose weight in the shortest amount of time. Hello no! I am not hawking just another diet program preying on insecurities and promoting restriction.  In most cases, I am teaching clients how to eat more in Lift to Get Lean. Yes, more! I can’t stress enough that we need to eat the proper amount of calories and macros in order to have optimal energy for working out and daily life in general. Often, participants tone up by eating more. Many lose weight too. Lift to Get Lean is not a diet. And eating more is awesome.

It ISN’T a quick fix. Changing life long habits and thought patterns can be a slow process. We are so conditioned to see results yesterday, but changes made overnight are usually the least sustainable. SO many of my clients remark about how they could never go back to the way they were eating or all the time they spent killing themselves on cardio machines. Once you know better, you do better. And I feel so much gratitude being able to give people the tools they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the long haul.

It ISN’T hours and hours of exercising. The workouts I put together for clients are challenging, but they are effective and efficient. Most workouts can be completed between twenty-five to forty-five minutes. They can also be done in the gym, but if that’s not your jam, I provide at-home versions alongside the gym versions. And lemme tell you, I have seen just as much success in clients who enjoy being in the safety of their own home working out as those who are hitting the gym. Speaking of the gym, I get my gym clients moving all around using free weights and various machines. The weight room can be an intimidating space for a lot of folks, I provide detailed demo videos to take away that stigma and get clients comfortable with equipment they might not otherwise use.

It ISN’T about detoxes, cleanses or any other short-term reset. Lift to Get Lean is a lifetime reset. I think most folks hear the program is six weeks and they think of these types of drastic restrictive modalities. Let me be very clear, this is not what I am all about.

It ISN’T about goal weights. I really encourage clients to ditch their scale as a measure of success. I encourage taking photos and body measurements in order to see progress and celebrating non-scale victories. These look a whole lot like behavioral changes like getting up early to workout before work or skipping dessert at a family party. You aren’t going to experience weekly weigh-ins under my watch. Uh uh!

It ISN’T about providing set meal plans. Sorry not sorry, I’m not going to tell you what to eat. Because, I have to ask, what happens when I am not in your life anymore giving you the answers on what to eat? Instead I work with you to find your own answers to what foods work with your individual goals, tastes and needs.

Sustainability, folks. That’s the name of the game. THAT is what Lift to Get Lean IS. It is a long-term, sustainable, shift in mindset and habits. What makes Lift to Get Lean different is that the six weeks of fitness and nutrition coaching is the groundwork...a strong foundation...the beginning of a lifetime of health.