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Something is better than nothing.

Done is better than none.

Get a little better every day.

These are phrases I use on the daily with my clients. I like to serve as a constant reminder that you don’t need to be perfect to be better. For those of you who are considering signing up for the next session of Lift to Get Lean but have been holding yourself back because you don’t think you can do it perfectly, I want to tell you today that something is better than nothing. Especially when it comes to fitness and nutrition and personal growth.

I have talked about this a bit before, but perfection paralysis is a very real thing. Does any of this sound familiar?

“I can’t sign up because I have a wedding the second weekend of June.”  

“I can’t sign up because it’s the end of the school year and the last few weeks are crazy as a mom.”

“I can’t sign up because I work full time and could never fit in all the workouts.”

If you have found yourself holding back from making changes because of social events or busy mom life or your job...chances are you might be struggling with perfection paralysis. This is the notion that if it can’t be done perfectly, then it can’t be done at all. To this I say, done is better than none! A twenty minute workout may not be an hour workout but it is better than nothing. Eating on-point two meals a day is better than not eating well at all. Only eating out three times a week is better than the carry-out you do every weeknight. Done is better than none!

I really try to emphasize the importance of baby steps when it comes to my programs. Any change that is made that is going to be sustainable needs to be done slowly and methodically. I don’t advocate or support radical overhauls. There is just no way to maintain that level of perfection. Because, let’s be real…there will always be a social event. Life will always be busy. And most of us have to work. It is so much more seamless to introduce small new behaviors that add up over time. Improvement looks different for each person I work with. Some of my clients already train five days a week and eat healthy and are just looking to up the intensity of their exercising. Some clients need help working out consistently and have a bit to learn about how to fuel themselves properly. And some clients haven’t stepped into a gym in years and are wanting to make changes to eating habits that are no longer serving them. Wherever you are at in your journey, I say just get a little better each day.

This looks like using one spoonful of sugar in your coffee instead of two. Replacing the chips in your lunch with veggies. Adding a few more reps to your strength moves. Doing an evening walk after work a couple days a week. Only going out to eat twice on the weekend instead of eating out all meals. Journaling during your train commute so you can focus on what you want for your day. Focusing on shutting down electronics a half hour earlier so you can start to sleep better.

I could go on.

It’s these little changes that add up. Rachel Hollis had a great quote in a podcast I listen to. She said, "I didn't know it had to be good, I just knew it had to get done." Now that’s a philosophy I can get on board with.  You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t even need to be good. You just need to be a little better to get it done. And by “it.” I mean the life you dream of. Please let me help you attain the life you dream of.