Status Update...Something Is Better Than Nothing!

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Okay, we all have that friend who makes big declarations on social media that they aren’t going to be on social media. You know what I’m talking about, right? The friend who posts something like “I’m taking a break from social media. Text or call me if you need me.” And they really aren’t on social media...for like three weeks. And then they start to creep back into your feed and suddenly they’re posting inspirational quotes, viral videos and the latest article on this, that and the other. They may even be taking pics of their lunch on instagram. That’s when their social media presence is really getting real. And you just know they are binging on Insta photos, Facebook drama and maybe they even opened a Twitter account...ya know to keep up on the news?


Now you may be thinking, “Kylie, you’re sounding very judgy.” Well, I don’t mean to be. Hello, I love my social media! Have you seen my Instagram stories?! I’m using this as an example of an all or nothing mentality. Instead of maybe cutting back social media use to a half hour in the morning and, say a half hour on their commute home, our sweet friend is going full throttle. And this disconnection, when you’re used to being constantly logged in, is just not sustainable. It’s not impossible but it’s kind of impossible.

One phrase I’ve been finding myself saying over and over lately is “something is better than nothing.” Being on social media for one less hour a day leaves a whole hour to start reading that book that has been on your nightstand for a month. A whole hour to play a boardgame with your kids. An hour to go for a walk, perhaps.

And this brings me right to the point of this blog post. Especially when it comes to exercising, something is better than nothing! Summer is a tough time to workout for a lot of us. Routines are thrown off with kids being home. A lot of us are traveling. There are more social outings. I’m hearing from a lot of clients and members of my Lift to Get Lean groups that they are having a hard time not being “perfect” with their fitness routine. Summer provides a lot of excuses to let fitness slip off the list of priorities.

Well here is my proposal...maybe summer is a great opportunity to embrace imperfect workouts instead of excuses. It’s a great time to practice self-compassion and find personal balance in times of challenge. Maybe you squeeze in a twenty minute HIIT before your kids wake up. Or maybe you do some yoga outside while they run around the yard. Is this ideal? No. Will you most likely not achieve zen and be interrupted several times? Yes. But this is when that imperfect workout teaches you that life happens. Life will ALWAYS happen. But staying consistent is KEY in times that test us. Don’t use a vacation as a reason to stop your routine. Do one of my bodyweight workouts. I sent a great one out this past Monday, in fact. You CAN keep your fitness up by doing abbreviated workouts because staying in the habit is of the utmost importance.

Nutrition is the other piece that’s really difficult in the summer. Barbecues. Travel. Kids snacking in front of you all day long. Work happy hours enjoying warm weather. All of these are temptations to give up on healthy eating. But maybe you focus on making just a few healthier decisions. Maybe you bring chicken to grill at a get together, so you’re not tempted by burgers and hot dogs. Maybe you eat a filling snack right before happy hour so you aren’t hungry and are more able to pass on the fried appetizers. Maybe you pack some veggies to snack on while camping instead of chips and dip. These little tweaks add up and help you maintain your focus on eating healthier. Imperfect nutrition is better than unsustainable perfect nutrition!

Something is better than nothing!

So, pack a protein bar for the pool and avoid your kiddos Cheetos (who wants orange fingers anyways?!) Workout for two sets of fifteen minutes when you can squeeze them in if getting to the gym that day isn’t a possibility. Opt for a lower cal adult beverage instead of the strawberry daiquiri. Something is better than nothing people! Just like your buddy swearing off social media forever, it may not be realistic that you are going to hit the hotel gym every single day on vacation. Embrace the imperfection summer provides! Embrace lazy days at the pool or on the beach or, my personal fave, sunning yourself on a lounge chair in the backyard.

Something is better than nothing.

Something is really better than nothing!