Maybe You Just Don't Know


The other day, my trusted admin Margey and I met to discuss the next round of Lift to Get Lean. Margey is my right-hand gal and she did my program over two years ago now. As we were talking about marketing the next round, she asked me who my ideal client is. To be honest, I don’t think of a single person I work with as anything less than ideal. But that said, I find that the most successful clients I have are those who are willing to level up. Get uncomfortable. Do the work. Face tough truths. Dig Deep.

You get the picture.

As I was talking with Margey, it dawned on me that she was a pretty darn ideal client. So I had to ask her...what made her sign up? She thought about it for a bit and laughed, “honestly, I only signed up because my friend signed up.” 

Peer pressure is a real thing, people.

She went on to say that she was in a really good place when she signed up. She yo-yo dieted for as long as she could remember and had finally found a healthy lifestyle and exercise routine that she had maintained for years before she came to me. She was the dress size she always wanted to be. She used to fall off going to the gym for weeks and months at a time and she hadn’t done that in years. She was consistent. She felt confident. She had a good thing going. She confessed that she was really concerned about messing with her good thing. She was doing good! Why mess with good?! And these are her words, not mine. She said “But your program brought me from doing good to being exceptional.” 

She was already doing the good things. Being mindful of what she was eating. Routinely staying active. But with guidance, support and camaraderie, she flourished. She has told me time and again that she never knew she was always hungry. She will also tell you that she works smarter not harder at the gym. Well, she still works hard, but you know what I mean. 

When I think of the Margey who took the leap to take a good routine and make it great, I think she didn’t know until she knew. And so I want to say to you that maybe you don’t know yet either. Maybe you don’t know what food will nourish your body in a way that gives you energy you never had. Maybe you don’t know that lifting heavier, not hours of ab work, can give you a strength in your core that you have never experienced.  Maybe you don’t know that a group cheering you on can push you farther in the gym that you ever thought. Maybe you don’t know what rewards will come when you risk setting aside what you knew for what you could know.

Maybe you just don’t know.


I’ve said this before, but I want to say it will never know your potential until you reach your potential. Instead of staying safe in your routine (even if it is a fine routine), can you imagine who you could be if you worked just a little bit harder? If you leveled up. Got uncomfortable. Did the work. Faced the tough truths. Dug Deep.

Maybe you just don’t know yet...that you my friend ARE my ideal client.