Broaden Your Horizons


A ton of my Instagram stories happen while I’m walking. One of my big goals this year has been to get 10, 000 steps in each day. I have really come to appreciate my walks because they allow me time to rest my mind. It’s been amazing how many insights I wouldn’t otherwise have had if I didn’t regularly take pause.

But today I want to write about an insight I had during another more mentally-taxing activity. Bike riding. I did a video about this last week on my page and I talked about how hardcore Coloradans are about their cycling. They have spandex and clippy shoes and all the things. There is also the other end of the spectrum, I see adorable women gliding along on their cruiser bikes without a care in the world. 

Yah, I don’t fit into either of those camps.

I’m more of a stationary bike spin class type of gal. Frankly, I like riding bikes that don’t go anywhere. So when Pat and Brooks wanted to go for a bike ride to a restaurant close to our house, I reluctantly agreed and gripped my handlebars with all my might the first half mile. Because, frankly, I am not that confident on my bike. There, I admit it. I’m not confident on a bike. So, the way I coped was to stare right down at the few feet in front of me and hold on for dear life. That is when the insight came. I realized maybe I should look up and focus on where I am going instead of exactly where I was at. I realized I should broaden my perspective.

See we get really hyper focused on what is right in front of us and lose sight of the bigger picture. The end goal. We totally lose the forest for the trees when we get hung up on the little little things that aren’t going to make that much of a difference. For instance, constantly obsessing over every tiny aspect of your diet or making sure you are doing the latest hottest workout. If we are able to broaden our vision or look a little further, it is much easier to stay on-track in the long run. And, as I always say, think about your long game.

So, today, I want you to ask yourself, “Am I getting hung up on little things that don’t matter?” Maybe you have nutrition goals or weight loss goals or even life goals. Maybe you have training goals. Hell maybe you are training for a hundred mile road bike race. I’m certainly NOT. But, if you are, staring ahead is going to get you there. Can you imagine if you focused on each pedal you took? Instead of each mile? That would be really overwhelming. Looking at the big picture helps you remember that each pedal you take is going to help you reach your goal without thinking of every darn pedal you take.

Remember where it is that you actually want to go. Think about how you want to get there. If your goal is weight loss, please don’t focus on every little calorie you consume. If your goal is better nutrition, don’t white knuckle through kale salads if you hate kale salads. Make sure you keep the big picture in mind. I challenge you to stop nitpicking every detail. Loosen your grip. Let go of perfection. Don’t let fear paralyze you into thinking you need to do everything just so. And, most of all, believe you are going to achieve your goals. You might be surprised that what seems like it is far off on the horizon is actually much closer than you think.