ONLINE TRAINING: Lift to get lean

Strong. Defined. Focused.

2018 is YOUR year!  Start the year strong with strength and confidence!  The next round of Lift to Get Lean will launch on June 11th with a full week of preparation, followed by six weeks of workouts and nutrition coaching and it is going to take your fitness, your focus and your physique to the next level.  This program is designed to teach you how to lift weights, increase the intensity in which you train, empower you to make optimal nutrition choices and inspire you to become the best version of yourself. 

Find a version that works for you!
The program offers two different versions, designed to meet you exactly where you are. 

Option 1 - Lift to Get Lean -  Gym Version
If you are ready to move beyond my bodyweight and at-home workouts, and into commercial gyms or rec centers, using free weights and weight machines to build lean muscle and fry body fat, this program is for you! 

We will be focused on lifting heavy, performing explosive movements (modifications are offered) and eating smart, healthy meals that will help us reach our goals. Throughout this process, I will give you a custom macronutrient breakdown based in your age, weight, activity level and goals, and guide you through the macro tracking process using My Fitness Pal.  

Option 2 - Lift to Get Lean Lean -  Home Version
This option is just like Option 2, but with workouts you can do from home.  These workouts are just as effective, but I ask that you have the following equipment available to you:

  • Large exercise ball
  • Dumbbells, I suggest 5lb, 10lb, and 15 - 20lb
  • Step or bench
  • Resistance bands with handles or a TRX Suspension System
  • Yoga mat

The group will maintain an active accountability group on Facebook that will not only keep you motivated and inspired, but also give you a place to ask questions and share your successes. This is where the majority of the learning goes on.  Weekly nutrition and fitness lessons and the occasional surprise challenge!!

All groups will receive:

  • 5  workouts per week
  • 1 online yoga class per week
  • Guidance on additional cardio needs
  • Custom macronutrient calculations based on your goals
  • Help with goal setting
  • Online accountability group
  • Grocery list
  • Meal and snack inspiration
  • Easy to use guide

.If you have any questions about the program, please reach out to me: