My Fitness Journey

I grew up being active, participating in gymnastics and dance, and riding my bike all over the neighborhood, but really found my strength as a competitive swimmer.  I believe that being a swimmer instilled a work ethic in me that has helped me in every area of my life.  Isn’t it interesting how something as benign as swimming can turn into a life-long asset to your life? Sometimes you just need to get the work done when you’re working towards a goal, even if it's early morning or late at night. My diligent swim schedule taught me that and I wouldn’t replace it for the world.

Once I graduated high school I went on to attend Texas Christian University, but did not swim at the collegiate level.  I graduated with a degree in marketing and upon graduation I started working in the advertising industry.  It was fine, and I learned a lot and met some wonderful people, but I knew this was not the career for me.  It was during this time of soul searching that I began practicing yoga.

Take two steps back for a moment. All through college and after, I continued to workout. I wasn’t swimming, but I still remained active.  Sometimes I was too active, which is why I suffered a stress fracture in my femur post-college while working at my first advertising agency.  This was an over-use injury that could have been avoided had I just listened to my body.  If I had honored my body.  If I had loved my body.

Finding yoga in the midst of my quarter-life crisis while recovering from my injury was the best thing that could have happened to me.  It was just what my body, mind and soul needed.